Your Documents Notarized for Just $15

 Meeting   Make sure your documents are official with notary services from We the People United. We'll screen all signers to ensure that your documents are official and legitimate.

All signers must be present at the time of notarization, and a valid photo identification is required. We can notarize any document for just $15. Get impartial notary services by calling 323-466-0030 today. Visit our office at 1253 N. Vine St., Suite 24, Los Angeles.

As official representatives of the state, notaries certify the life-changing documents of private citizens in the realms of real estate, powers of attorney, and other activities that enable society to function.

When you need legal documents fast, We the People United will provide them. All of our work is guaranteed, and we  
have more than 10 years of experience. Call 323-466-0030 today.